Symbolic Adaptation

Village Hall is an iconic building, rich in history, and one that has become symbolic to South Orange. It is not every day that a visionary gets the chance to work with a century-old structure, repurpose and bring it back to life. Being sensitive to its status as a Historical Landmark while paying homage to its importance within the community, the architectural design celebrates and highlights different aspects of the original building. The new adaptations focus on incorporating a hospitable warmth while introducing contemporary comfort, mixing old and new expertly.

Well-appointed indoor and outdoor spaces, featuring reclaimed timber, distressed metals, string lighting, and unique games -create intimate moments throughout the sprawling space. Village Hall will feature, Rossiter and Wright Tavern, a nod to the building’s original architects, the Pump House Biergarten and an event space featuring a separate pre-function area and a well-appointed bridal suite. Step back in time, get warm by the fire, and stay a while your landmark moment awaits.