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Robert Burns, lyrical poet & pioneer of the romantic movement, National Poet of Scotland 1759-1796. Traditionally held on January 25th, we celebrate Burns Night with traditional Scottish dishes and recipes. In addition, there will be a Single Malt Scotch tasting and demonstration, There will also be traditional entertainment and a poetry reading.
January 19th - Robert Burns Night at the Ryland Inn
Join us for our contemporary cocktail class, where we use the French Press to create fashionable and bespoke cocktails. The French Press is a great tool to use when creating cocktails, as it has the ability to mix both hot and cold drinks, it can separate ingredients to infuse flavors, and it’s creating beautiful craft drinks in smaller batches – perfect for entertaining and enjoying with others. In this class, you’ll learn all about unique infusions focusing on gin, tequila and coffee cocktails, the science behind building the flavors and how delicious they each are. Cheers!
January 27th - French Press Cocktail Class at Stone House
In anticipation of Valentine’s Day learn the intricacies of both sweet and savory applications of chocolate. Key points include melting and tempering chocolate, molded chocolate, differences between white, milk and dark chocolate as well as a single estate plantation chocolate tasting. In addition, we will demonstrate how to make caramel. Dry or wet, amazing complexity can be obtained from the caramelization process. Taste sweet and savory preparations. (There will be an opportunity to purchase Boxed Chocolates after the class, packaged for Valentine’s day. $24)
February 9th - Chocolate & Caramel at the Ryland Inn
New Orleans cuisine, Cajun, Creole, and Soul Food is rich with flavor and history. Learn how to prepare some of the most iconic dishes using modern kitchen techniques. Understand the history behind the dishes and enjoy some of the most distinctive regional cuisine in the country. Oysters, Gator, Muffuletta, Gumbo and Beignets will take you to the gulf coast and get you ready for Fat Tuesday!
February 23rd - New Orleans Cuisine at the Ryland Inn
Master Class- Northern Italian Cuisine, comprised of 8 regions, varies from the rest of the peninsula. Northern cooks use much less tomato in recipes; instead, they employ wine or broth as the liquid and chopped herbs for flavor. Olive oil is replaced by cream and butter and especially cheese. In the North slow braising and stewing are prevalent cooking methods often accompanied by a suitable pasta. Flat noodles in Lombardi and Emilio Romagna, and classics including agnolotti, tortellini and cappelletti are served a bit further north. Its also worth noting Polenta, a staple which replaces pasta in many northern dishes.
March 2nd - Northern Italian Pastas at the Ryland Inn
The first leafy greens are popping up, and the youngest vegetables are ready, but there is still no local fruit. So why not explore the possibilities of a Citrus fruit that everyone has…When spring gives your lemons…Sweet and Savory preparations are possible where lemon can be the star or in a supporting role. Lemon plays an important role in cocktails too and can even be the main attraction like Limoncello.
March 30 - Spring into Lemon at the Ryland Inn
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